The Maths in Schools project team presents a range of webinars on a wide range of mathematics education topics including an introduction to Culturally Responsive Maths Pedagogies and effective strategies for explicit teaching of mathematics. Recordings of each webinar are available below and stay tuned for more webinars from the University of Adelaide and register for these free events.

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An Introduction to Maths Practice and Pedagogies

Dr John West

Tuesday 8 August 

4:00pm ACST

Pedagogy is the way teachers deliver the content of the curriculum. Maths pedagogy relates to the way in which mathematics is taught and learned. This is the intersection between mathematics education and pedagogical principles related to how students learn most effectively.

In this introductory webinar we will demonstrate how the Maths online courses aim to deepen the understanding of educators by showcasing a range of pedagogies and how a variety of approaches can optimize learning opportunities for students.

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The benefit of Problem Pictures in Maths education

Rebekah O’Keeffe, University of Adelaide

Thursday 17 August 

4:00pm ACST

Problem pictures can get students excited about maths with pictures and images. Using problem pictures gives students another way to access maths concepts and helps them to see that maths is all around them. In this webinar we will explore how students can make sense of maths by identifying patterns in images and apply maths ideas to what is seen.

Teachers will leave with a starting point of problem pictures aligned to the strands in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and be inspired to find problem pictures with students in their own local communities.

Recording coming soon


Maths Investigations - for the Primary Years

Dr John West, University of Adelaide

Tuesday 29 August 

4:00pm ACST

In this webinar, we present scaffolded Maths Investigations, as an approach to learning which encourages students to apply their knowledge and understanding of mathematics to real-world and authentic situations. We will showcase some of the key skills used in maths investigations and provide ideas for the classroom relating to visualising, logical reasoning, conjecturing, working systematically, looking for patterns, and trial and improvement.

Teachers will walk away with rich and authentic ideas for relevant classroom activities and strategies for guiding students through an investigative process to solve challenges with maths.

Recording coming soon


Teaching Maths through Picture Books - Primary years

Sue Carter, University of Adelaide

Monday 4 September 

4:00pm ACST

Using picture books with mathematical content in the primary classroom can be an effective way of introducing and developing mathematical concepts. In this webinar we will look at how children's literature provides a unique and meaningful way to engage students, connect with real life experiences, develop and stretch children's imagination, foster critical and creative thinking, and promote opportunities for problem solving, discussion and communication.

Recording coming soon


Careers with Maths

Rebekah O’Keeffe

Thursday 14th September

4:00 pm ACST

Where will maths take you? With 75% of future jobs requiring STEM skills, inspiring our young people to pursue a career involving maths has never been so important. How do you make maths relevant to students? This webinar showcases a range of interesting and diverse careers involving and using maths and how to connect careers to classroom learning across the strands in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. This session helps teachers encourage and enable students to recognise the opportunities and real-world relevance of maths. Teachers will walk away with ideas and careers resources, feeling confident to tackle the question: When will I ever use Maths?

Recording coming soon.

Maths in Schools webinar series

Interact, engage and question specialists in education, teachers and mathematics consultants. Check the recording of each webinar to learn more on how you can stay up to date with informative discussions on a variety of topics.

Explicit Teaching Strategies for Maths (27 July 2023)

Presented by Rebekah O’Keeffe

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Register and Go – The Maths in Schools Online Courses (11 July 2023)

Presented by Sue Carter

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Introduction to Culturally responsive maths pedagogies (27 June 2023)

Presented by Dr Caty Morris and Toni Falusi

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Explicit teaching in mathematics: effective assessment (26 June 2023)

Presented by Martin Holt and Allan Dougan

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Explicit teaching in mathematics: focusing on intuitive strategies (21 June 2023)

Presented by Dr Sharyn Livy

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Explore: Foundation – Year 2 Maths in Schools online course (20 June 2023)

Presented by Toni Falusi and Celia Coffa

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Explicit teaching in mathematics: student–teacher dialogue (19 June 2023)

Presented by Helen Chick and Allan Dougan

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Explicit teaching in mathematics: purposeful planning (13 June 2023)

Presented by Helen Chick

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Explicit teaching in mathematics: the model and components (8 June 2023)

Presented by Genovieve Grouios and Allan Dougan

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Introduction to Maths in Schools professional learning initiative (6 June 2023)

Presented by Dr Rebecca Vivian and Toni Falusi

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