About the Hub

The Mathematics Hub supports Australian teachers to teach mathematics and numeracy in engaging and informative ways that will improve mathematics and numeracy outcomes for their students. The Hub provides a range of resources from a number of different teaching pedagogies. In the early years (Foundation-Year 2) there is a focus on mastery of mathematics foundation skills through explicit teaching, with a greater breadth of resources across all pedagogies to support the middle and later years of schooling. It also provides materials for parents who wish to support their child’s developing mathematics skills.

The Hub will include access to free, online, nationally available mathematics professional learning opportunities. Course content will be aligned to the Australian Curriculum to help teachers develop and enhance their mathematical knowledge, identify where students are at in their learning and provide engaging mathematics and numeracy lessons in the classroom.

The Hub will also include resources for teachers and school leaders designed to help them encourage students to see the importance and relevance of mathematics and numeracy to their everyday lives and future career opportunities.

Year 1 Number Check for teachers

The Number Check is a quick and easy way for teachers to gauge the numeracy knowledge of Year 1 students. It shows how well children in Year 1 can recognise numbers to 100, count backwards and forwards in a sequence between 1 and 100, count and add small collections of objects and know how many objects are left when some are taken out of a small collection.