About the Hub

The Mathematics Hub supports Australian teachers and schools to teach mathematics and numeracy in engaging and informative ways that will improve mathematics and numeracy outcomes for their students.

The Hub also provides further support to students and their families. Students can explore why it’s important to learn mathematics, how it is taught in Australian schools today and how students can go further with mathematics beyond school.

The Hub:

Explore and find:

  • the Number Check – a quick and easy way for teachers to gauge the numeracy knowledge of Year 1 students 
  • the Planning tool – a tool supporting teachers from Foundation–Year 10 to plan mathematics lessons.

The Mathematics Hub have partnered and engaged with leading mathematics teaching experts, institutions, organisations and associations to continually enhance mathematics and numeracy outcomes for Australian schools, teachers, families and students.

Maths in Schools: Teaching and Learning Resources to Support Mathematics is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and managed by Education Services Australia.