Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

The resources on the Maths Hub are aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics Version 9.0 and where relevant to the National Numeracy Learning Progression.

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics includes the essential learning area content that teachers should teach and that we want students to learn. Opportunities to enrich and enhance learning are indicated through general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

View the curriculum for mathematics for the essential mathematical knowledge, skills, procedures and processes in number, algebra, measurement, space, statistics and probability for each year level, Foundation to Year 10.

The presentation of content includes:

  • opportunities to integrate and connect content to other learning areas
  • the general capabilities of most relevance to mathematics: Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Digital Literacy and Ethical Understanding
  • developing the processes of mathematical modelling, computational thinking, statistical investigation, probability experiments and simulations. When students are actively engaged in learning experiences involving the mathematical processes, they draw upon and further develop their mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills in an integrated way.
  • incorporating cross-curriculum priorities, for example, contexts that can be used to explore First Nations Australians’ mathematical thinking, understandings and processes.

For further information refer to Understand the Mathematics learning area.

The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics Version 9.0 provides the basis for each state or territory syllabus or implementation plan. State and territory education authorities and non-government sectors and schools determine when and how the F–10 Australian Curriculum: Mathematics will be delivered in their schools. For further information, refer to the advice from ACARA, Implementation of the Australian Curriculum.  

Browse our Planning tool for resources, organised into topics for each year level, to teach and assess the essential mathematics content. Resources include connections to the numeracy progression and a summary of the teaching and learning focus for each topic.