Mathematics and numeracy are central to a huge range of careers, some of which you might not expect. Mathematics is logical and creative and the problem-solving skills and approaches used in maths are highly valued in many careers and industries.

Discover how mathematics can open up amazing opportunities for your future, from animating digital puppets, to exploring nanotech research, to saving lives in hospitals.

Take a look at emerging jobs that we think could be available in the future.

15 amazing future jobs that need maths skills

Did you know, when your parents were growing up, online or AI-related jobs – such as a digital marketing analyst or SEO analyst – probably didn’t exist? Let’s project forward into the future and consider game-changing technology (such as machine learning, quantum computing) and the kinds of jobs that might emerge from them.

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No wrong answers: a career guide to maths pathways

Check out this list that shows the range and diversity of jobs that use maths. It includes everything from non-uni jobs, such as trades or small business owners, to data scientists and engineers. There’s also a look at future and emerging jobs (for example, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing).

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12 everyday new and emerging jobs that use maths

Find out where to start when researching careers that use maths. Includes links to many courses you can choose from.

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A young person’s insights

See what a Year 9 student says about all things school, maths and careers.

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The data science behind social media

Data is everywhere, especially in the world of social media, where the next viral post is as much about numbers as it is clever words and images.

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Creative careers in maths

From art and fashion to video game design, meet three real people with creative careers who use maths everyday.

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Maths in construction – and other trades that count

If you’re considering a trade career, dropping maths is no big deal, right? Actually, you might be surprised to learn that maths in construction is more important than you’d think.

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Careers with mathematics

Be amazed by the possibilities of a career involving mathematics.

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Careers with mathematics and economics

Find out some of the ways that maths is used every day in a range of exciting careers.

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