This tool supports teachers from Foundation–Year 10 to plan mathematics lessons. It provides guidance to help develop sequential class programs. Suggested topics can be used in any order and are intended to support existing approaches.

The resource organises the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics strands into topics. Each topic is mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, V9. To view the curriculum presented as a continuum across the strands organised by topics, select the relevant strand: Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space, Statistics and Probability.

These topics, commonly covered in schools, may contain more than one content description. Topics are also mapped to the Numeracy progression of the General Capabilities: Numeracy. The sub-element levels, such as Additive strategies, are labelled ‘P’ (progression) and the level number, for example P4 (meaning ‘progression level 4’).

View the Foundation–Year 6 content descriptions organised by topic. 

View the Years 7–10 content descriptions organised by topic. 

Each topic includes:

  • the focus of teaching and learning with appropriate teaching strategies
  • suggested resources for teaching and assessment
  • common misconceptions
  • learning from home activities.

The teaching and assessment resources have been selected based on their match to the Australian Curriculum version 9. In some cases, the resource may indicate a different year level from what is suggested in the planning tool.

The learning from home activities are designed to be used flexibly and can be used in a number of ways.

  • Teachers may use the tasks to consolidate student learning and set students to do the task at home or at school. Learning undertaken at home can be shared as a class.
  • Parents and carers supporting home schooling can use the tasks with their child.
  • Students themselves may choose to use the tasks to reinforce their learning.

The learning from home activities for Foundation–Year 2 are designed to be completed with the help of a parent, carer or older family member.

To view a topic, select the year level and strand, the relevant topics will then be displayed.