We often hear that students cannot see the relevance of maths to their daily lives or their future.

Use these articles to discuss the relevance of maths with your child.

8 ways we use maths in everyday life

How will your child ever use the maths they learn at school? This article shows how maths links to things in everyday life that your child is very familiar with – from how the newsfeed on their phones is formulated to the way plants grow to how it is that buildings are built to be strong and structurally sound.

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Why maths is important

This article introduces how maths has been critical to our world. COVID-19 made epidemiologists household names and showed the importance of modelling and statistics in public health. However, there is much more. Maths skills – from statistics and measurement to algebra and geometry – are critical to many aspects of our world, including high-tech industries and combating climate change. Mathematical thinking – the ability to break down problems into smaller parts and to ‘think outside the box’ – is a valued skill in many careers. It is important to remember that you don’t need to instantly be good at maths – it’s a normal part of skill progression to make mistakes and learn from them. If your child perseveres, you’ll be surprised how they will use their maths skills in the future.

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Emerging careers where maths skills are in high demand

This article discusses the importance of data to our new world economy. There are three key areas where data skills are creating value for society and driving a need for graduates with maths skills: bioinformatics, modelling, and combating online fraud and misinformation.

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Employers who value maths skills

Did you know that maths graduates are in demand in all kinds of industries? From finance and tech to insurance, accounting and health, here is a list of employers who value maths skills. 

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Role models to inspire young people into careers with maths

Here are five people working in surprising careers in maths. This article helps you understand the wide range of careers that rely on maths skills and are in high demand.

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Maths pathways

There is more than one pathway into a maths career. In fact, maths is so essential to the future workforce that new courses are being developed to cater for the specialist maths knowledge needed. There are courses and degrees in data science and cybersecurity, and maths skills are incorporated into many VET and technology pathways. This article will help you decide on the best mathematics pathway your child should take if they are interested in a career in the graphic arts or game design, tech, the environment, trades, retail, health sciences, engineering or social impact.

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