Many young people see the benefit of contributing to solving global issues.

One way to do this is to use your maths skills to approach some of these challenges.

View these articles, which provide an insight into people who are using maths to look for solutions to a range of world problems.

Problem, solved: the many uses of mathematics

Our world is facing some big challenges at the moment and maths and people with maths skills will play an important role in coming up with solutions. This article looks at the crucial role of data and basic maths skills in the areas of conservation and climate change, health, architecture and agriculture.

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Make a difference with maths and conservation

Meet Associate Professor Eve McDonald-Madden (PhD at UQ, grad dip in maths) who analyses data to help protect threatened species.

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Making a difference with data science

Meet Aldo Saavedra who uses his maths skills every day in his unique health science role.

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Probability, statistics and wildlife conservation

Discover how the maths you learn today could be applied to a career in wildlife conservation tomorrow.

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Head in the stars: how maths is used in astronomy

If you’re dreaming of a career in the growing space sector, then maths will be crucial. Find out how maths is used in astronomy.

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The value of data skills in current and future careers

From catching criminals to selling stuff on social media, data skills will give you an edge in the jobs of tomorrow.

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