Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I need to know this? Will I ever use this maths in the future?

Read these articles to help you see the value of learning maths and developing your maths skills.

Maths in animation and design

This article shows how geometry is used in design and animation. Hear what Alexey Stomakhin has to say. He has a background in applied mathematics and physics, and has worked on Disney hits, including simulating snow in the Disney movie Frozen.

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Probability high! Why statistics skills could get you hired in health

See how statistics are applied in health and urban planning and hear what real people working in these fields have to say.

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Jobs of the future

In the age of big data and artificial intelligence, our world is more numbers-led than ever. Maths skills will equip you for the jobs of the future. See the importance of skills in data and information technology for future jobs, and learn how maths is a foundational skill.

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The art of problem-solving in maths

Discover how maths and creativity go hand in hand.

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Real-world maths

Discover how maths is used in the real world, all the time, every day.

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Maths advice from a Year 12 maths gold medallist

We spoke to Grace Chang Yuan about her love of maths, what it was like competing in a Mathematical Olympiad, and her advice for students who are struggling with the subject.

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