Building a growth mindset

Changing mindsets

Children (and adults) often think that they are either naturally good at doing maths or that they are not. Those who think they are can learn and enjoy maths. Those who don’t feel that they are not cannot learn maths and tend to dislike it.

Having a ‘growth mindset’ means that your child believes that they can learn anything and that their intelligence can grow. A growth mindset helps your child develop persistence, the wish to keep trying. It also helps their chances of success in mathematics and other curriculum areas.

Help your child develop a growth mindset with these resources.

What’s a growth mindset and how do I get one?

Explore how the way your child thinks about learning mathematics affects their learning potential.

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Growth mindset for parents

Learn what a growth mindset is and why it is important. Find out the best ways to support your child to develop this learning belief.

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