Learn and play together

Here are some everyday activities that will help your child develop mathematics skills and concepts at home. Children’s numeracy develops when they see how many times in a day we use maths. There are many ways to think ‘mathematically’ and many ways to support your child to build their confidence in mathematics and numeracy.

The activities here are a starting point. They include some simple ideas that you can use in the car, at home, in the kitchen or when you are playing together. You can also use some of the resources to help your child with mathematical concepts they are learning at school.

Resources to support learning together

Find out how to help with homework in a way that will maximise your child’s learning.

Helping with homework

Find out how to help with homework in a way that will maximise your child’s learning.


These websites have ideas for activities and games you can play at home to help your child’s maths learning.

Everyday maths

Engage your children in mathematics through fun, relatable activities.

Learning potential

Explore a bank of fun, everyday activities to help develop your child's numeracy at home.

Everyday maths animations

Explore maths every day with children as you walk, talk and play.

Activities and ideas to help children understand money, including using coins and notes as well as budgeting and credit cards.

Teaching kids about money

Teach your child about money with these Moneysmart ideas.

Working it out

Involve your child in the mathematics of the world around them with these ideas for early childhood activities.

Ideas for connecting with your school, local community, and other organisations.

Parent and carer support

View these tips to support your child’s learning in mathematics.