Explicit Teaching in Maths

Explicit teaching is an effective pedagogy which can be used to enhance students' learning of mathematics. It provides strategies for the teacher which help them to design and present instruction and learning to students in a meaningful way.

The Mathematics Hub’s free online learning modules provide high-quality professional learning to support teachers to implement explicit teaching strategies in primary school maths programs. The modules have been developed in conjunction with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT), academics and practising teachers. The explicit teaching modules are designed around seven essential components of explicit learning that have been identified through analysis of mathematics education research.

The modules are aligned to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) professional standards.

The modules include lessons and activities that might be used to teach mathematics concepts from the Australian Curriculum.

When teachers adopt explicit teaching practices, they ensure students know what to do and why. The teacher plans the learning intentions and success criteria, makes them apparent to students and ensures they are modelled. By the end of the learning sequence, student understanding is validated and planned mathematical connections are established.

There are five modules in this series. Explicit Teaching in Maths has been designed to allow you to select modules relevant to your needs and interests; modules can be completed in any order. ‘What is explicit teaching?’ is a useful starting point as it provides a useful grounding into the essential components of explicit teaching. 

What is explicit teaching?

Explore what explicit teaching is, what it's not and where explicit teaching fits into the teacher toolbox.

Structuring lessons to incorporate explicit teaching

Structure lessons in different ways to incorporate the essential components of explicit learning.

Teaching equivalent fractions using explicit teaching

Investigate how clear and concise language can help children understand specific mathematical concepts and techniques via a lesson on equivalent fractions.

Modelling explicit teaching focusing on intuitive strategies

Use intuitive strategies and facilitate discourse to make mathematical ideas explicit.

Assessment strategies that promote explicit learning

Make inferences from student assessment tasks when making explicit teaching decisions.