The Mathematics Hub proudly acknowledges the stakeholders, the organisations and our collaborators for the continued work, skills and effort required to support mathematics and numeracy outcomes for Australian students, families, teachers and schools.

Government Departments 

  • Australian Government Department of Education
  • Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
  • New South Wales Department of Education
  • Victorian Department of Education and Training 

Educational Organisations

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance 
  • Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
  • Mathematical Association of Victoria
  • Stronger Smarter Institute
  • University of Adelaide (CSER Digital Technologies MOOCs, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technologies)

Subject Matter Experts

  • Alex Box
  • Donna Buckley
  • Fiona Clarke
  • Associate Professor Helen Chick
  • Allan Dougan
  • Steven Goldberg
  • Charis Gotticher-Hill
  • Eleni Giamadakis
  • Genovieve Grouios
  • Michelle Hamill
  • Martin Holt
  • Nerida McGeachie
  • Vicky Kennard
  • Christine Lenghaus
  • Leigh-Lancaster Consulting
  • Cassandra Lowry
  • Dr Sharyn Livvy
  • Dr Caty Morris
  • Narelle Morris
  • Dr Pauline Rogers
  • Dr Bronwyn Reid O’Connor
  • Debbie Reinholtd
  • Dr James Russo
  • Angela Scuderi
  • Emeritus Professor Peter Sullivan
  • Shanti Treloar
  • Professor Chris Tisdell
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Way

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Supporting your child's learning pamphlets are produced by and copyright of New Zealand Ministry of Education and have been used and adapted with permission.

The New South Wales Department of Education provided advice on developing the Year 1 Number Check. Items in the Number Check provided by the New South Wales Department of Education are copyright and may be used for the purposes of the Number Check only.

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