The Statistics strand develops ways of collecting understanding and describing data and its distribution. Statistics provide a story, or means to support or question an argument, and enables exploratory data analysis that underpins decision-making and informed judgement. Statistical literacy requires an understanding of statistical information and processes, including an awareness of data and the ability to estimate, interpret, evaluate and communicate with respect to variation in the real world. Statistical literacy provides a basis for critical scrutiny of an argument, the accuracy of representations, and the validity and reliability of inferences and claims. The effective use of data requires acknowledging and expecting variation in the collection, analysis and interpretation of categorical and numerical variables. Statistics is used in business, government, research, sport, healthcare and media for critical and informed evaluation of issues, arguments and decision-making. (ACARA, V9)

The content for Statistics across Years Foundation to Year 10 has been organised into topics. Select a year band to view an overview of the topics covered.


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