No wrong answers: A career guide to maths pathways

So, you want a cool next-gen maths job? There are plenty of different ways to study and work in maths. Here we nut out ways to land one.

As in most STEM disciplines, there’s more than one way to kickstart a maths career! In fact, maths has become so essential to the future workforce that new courses are being developed to cater for the specialist knowledge required for new, in-demand careers. 

Degrees in data science have become increasingly popular, and maths skills are being incorporated into existing VET, cyber security and technology pathways. And if creativity is your thing? You’ll need maths skills too – because being good with numbers can boost your chances of getting a great gig whatever your path.

Do the maths!

Add maths to your non-numbers-related passion to find your dream role! The opportunities are literally infinite, but here are some ideas to start you off:

Career guide: maths + tech

Maths + Bachelor of Computer Science, Monash University = software engineer
Maths + Certificate IV in Cyber Security, TAFE NSW = cyber security analyst
Maths + Bachelor of Data Science, Western Sydney University = data scientist
Career guide: maths + engineering

Maths + Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering Design), Swinburne University of Technology = mechanical engineer
Maths + Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Honours), University of Newcastle = civil engineer
Maths + Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Mathematics, University of Queensland = literally any engineering discipline – you choose! 

Career guide: maths + social impact 

Maths + Bachelor of Social Science, Macquarie University = policy analyst
Maths + Graduate Certificate of Epidemiology, Charles Darwin University = epidemiologist or clinical researcher
Maths + Masters of Social Policy, University of Melbourne = analyst or urban planner

Career guide: maths + trades

Maths + Certificate III in Carpentry, Melbourne Polytechnic = builder
Maths + Certificate III in Plumbing, TAFE SA = plumber
Maths + Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician = electrician

Career guide: maths + retail 

Maths + Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Data Science, Griffith University  = data scientist
Maths + Diploma of Web Development, TAFE NSW = UX designer
Maths + Bachelor of Computer Science, The University of Adelaide = blockchain developer

And what about the fun stuff? 

… anything and everything that’ll clue you up on new, future-focused jobs! Careers sites such as The GiST, Future You and My Future, eMags and other people’s pathways are a great place to start. 

… YouTube, TikTok and Instagram stories! Yep, your careers homework is to hang out on social media. Find your favourite career idols (LinkedIn is great for this) and see what they’re sharing online. Search hashtags like #dreamgig, #mathsjobs and #CVgoals

Along with soaking up wisdom from teachers and mentors, sometimes it’s cool to hear from real-life industry experts living the career goals you’re dreaming of. Podcasts like Her STEM Story and STEM Ed and Work Life are great for real-life pathways chats! 

Want more details on some of the roles listed above? Head here for a rundown.