Introduction to Culturally Responsive Maths Pedagogies

Recorded 27 June 2023

Dr Caty Morris ATSIMA/University of Adelaide & Toni Falusi, University of Adelaide.

This webinar, developed in consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA), introduces culturally responsive maths pedagogy, a way of teaching that harnesses the diverse cultural characteristics, experiences, and perspectives of culturally and linguistically diverse communities to increase student interest.

The rich history and culture of First Nations Australians is explored to gain an understanding of how to teach in a culturally responsive manner. Teachers will gain an understanding of how to include cultural diversity in maths teaching through a number of approaches including incorporating the Cross-curriculum Priorities from the Australian Curriculum; and through the use of the Goompi Model and 8 Ways Framework for designing culturally responsive maths lessons.