The divider: With or without remainders

Solve divisions such as 147 ÷ 7 or 157 ÷ 6. Learn strategies to do complex arithmetic in your head.

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Year level(s) Year 5, Year 6
Audience Student
Purpose Student task, Home practice tasks
Format Interactive
Keywords games

Curriculum alignment

Strand and focus Number
Topics Multiplication and division, Operating with number
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Use mathematical modelling to solve practical problems, involving rational numbers and percentages, including in financial contexts; formulate the problems, choosing operations and efficient calculation strategies, and using digital tools where appropriate; interpret and communicate solutions in terms of the situation, justifying the choices made

Solve problems involving division, choosing efficient strategies and using digital tools where appropriate; interpret any remainder according to the context and express results as a whole number, decimal or fraction

Numeracy progression Additive strategies (P9)
Multiplicative strategies (P7, P8)
Understanding money (P8)
Interpreting fractions (P8)

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