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reSolve: Authentic Problems: Bottle Flipping

This sequence of four lessons explores fractions and statistical reasoning through conducting a series of fair tests to answer the question 'What fraction of a bottle needs to be filled with water to be the best for bottle flipping?'. The lessons focus on building understanding of fractions and collecting, organising and presenting data to answer the research question. Each lesson is outlined in detail including curriculum links, vocabulary, materials needed, sample answers, discussion points and student resources. This sequence is part of the reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry special topic 'Authentic Problems'.

Additional details

Year level(s) Year 3
Audience Teacher
Purpose Teaching resource
Format Downloadable resources
Teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches Mathematics investigation
Keywords data representation, length, volume, maths investigations, fractions

Curriculum alignment

Curriculum connections Numeracy
Strand and focus Number, Measurement, Statistics, Build understanding, Apply understanding
Topics Fractions, Mass and capacity, Data representation and interpretation
AC: Mathematics content descriptions
ACMNA058 Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and their multiples to a complete whole
ACMMG061 Measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity
ACMSP068 Identify questions or issues for categorical variables. Identify data sources and plan methods of data collection and recording
ACMSP069 Collect data, organise into categories and create displays using lists, tables, picture graphs and simple column graphs, with and without the use of digital technologies
ACMSP070 Interpret and compare data displays
National numeracy learning progression Interpreting fractions - InF4
Understanding units of measurement - UuM7
Interpreting and representing data - IRD2, IRD4

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