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reSolve: Authentic Problems: 10,000 Centicubes

This sequence of four lessons integrates content in number and measurement to deepen students' understanding and confidence working with larger numbers. Students work flexibly with numbers up to 10,000 as they determine suitable dimensions for a container that can hold 10,000 centicubes. They are challenged to plan, construct and justify their ideal container. The unit also provides opportunities for building the concepts of informal and formal units of volume. Each lesson is outlined in detail including curriculum links, vocabulary, materials needed, sample answers, discussion points and student resources. This sequence is part of the reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry special topic 'Authentic Problems'.

Additional details

Year level(s) Year 4
Audience Teacher
Purpose Teaching resource
Format Downloadable resources
Teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches Mathematics investigation
Keywords fractions, place value, decimals, centicubes, multiplication

Curriculum alignment

Curriculum connections Numeracy
Strand and focus Number, Build understanding, Apply understanding, Measurement
Topics Multiplication and division, Mass and capacity
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Develop efficient strategies and use appropriate digital tools for solving problems involving addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division where there is no remainder

Recognise and extend the application of place value to tenths and hundredths and use the conventions of decimal notation to name and represent decimals

Numeracy progression Additive strategies (P8)
Number and place value (P7)
Multiplicative strategies (P7)

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