Acquire, record and represent data: Year 1 – planning tool

This planning resource for Year 1 is for the topic of Acquire, record and represent data. Students consolidate and extend upon their knowledge of data. They collect and record categorical data in various ways including using tally marks, objects and drawings. They represent data using one-to-one displays and refer to these displays when comparing and interpreting the data collected.

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Year level(s) Year 1
Audience Teacher
Purpose Planning support, Teaching resource, Teaching strategies, Student task, Home practice tasks
Format Web page
Keywords lesson plans, assessment task, teaching strategies, pedagogies, Australian Curriculum, learning from home, misconceptions

Curriculum alignment

Strand and focus Statistics
Topics Data representation and interpretation
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Acquire and record data for categorical variables in various ways including using digital tools, objects, images, drawings, lists, tally marks and symbols

Represent collected data for a categorical variable using one-to-one displays and digital tools where appropriate; compare the data using frequencies and discuss the findings

Numeracy progression Interpreting and representing data (P2)

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