Year level: 10

Strand: Statistics

Lesson length: 60 mins

In this lesson, students collect data, creating and analysing two-way tables, by playing the popular game ‘Would you rather…?’ And you get to find out if your students would rather be in a Marvel or DC movie because with great power, comes great responsibility!

Would you rather …? Image

Achievement standard

Students represent the distribution of data involving 2 variables, using tables and comment on possible association.

Content description

Students construct two-way tables and discuss possible relationship between categorical variables. AC9M10ST04

General capabilities

Critical and creative thinking

  • Interpret concepts and problems (Level 6)
  • Draw conclusions and provide reasons (Level 6)
  • Identify, process and evaluate information (Level 6)

The following exit ticket provides an opportunity for assessment. The questions are found in the ‘Would you rather investigation’ worksheet on the final page. The worksheet is downloadable from the What you need section.

Exit ticket

The Principal of Smallville School surveyed parents and students on whether the school should keep or scrap the school uniform. The results are included in this two-way table:

  Parents Students
Keep uniform 25  5
Scrap uniform 10 60

1. Circle the ONE FALSE statement:

  • 35% of the people surveyed were parents.
  • 25% of the people surveyed were parents and want to keep the uniform.
  • 25% of the people surveyed were parents or want to keep the uniform. (This is the FALSE statement.)
  • 40% of the people surveyed were parents or want to keep the uniform.

2. Describe any association you see between these two variables, justifying your answer.

  • Some students may struggle to differentiate between AND and OR statements and inclusive/exclusive OR statements.
  • Students can find difficulties creating and selecting ‘Would you rather …?’ questions or choosing inappropriate questions – perform a web search of ‘Would you rather’ questions and offer a list for students to choose from and employ proactive classroom management strategies.
  • Some students have difficulty with time management during student-led tasks. Use a visible timer to help keep students on task and progressing through the activity.

Prior to this lesson, it is assumed that students have:

  • knowledge of tally charts and frequency tables
  • an understanding of how to change a fraction to a percentage (although this is revised)
  • previous knowledge of two-way tables. (This is tested via a pre-assessment activity.)

What you need:

  • Lesson Plan (Word)

  • Teacher's Slides (Powerpoint)

  • What do you know worksheet (Word)

  • Would you rather investigation worksheet (Word)