Read about a range of topics for Australian Foundation to Year 10 teachers of mathematics. Engage with topics including planning, pedagogies, teaching strategies and approaches.

Dialogic teaching

Dialogue is a key part of all lively classrooms, but how do we ensure this dialogue is effective? How do we give students the tools they need to discuss mathematical ideas? What are the components of effective classroom dialogue? Let’s take a look at dialogic teaching and explore how it can encourage deeper mathematical learning.

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Student learning needs

Catering for students’ learning needs is something we all aim to do. But it can be challenging. Is it just about differentiation? What is the best way to differentiate? How do we put it into practice? Let’s explore some ideas, strategies and tips.

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Purposeful planning

Planning is a key ingredient for effective teaching. But why is it so important? What is ‘good’ planning? How do we make our planning purposeful and focused? Let’s delve further into planning, and what it encompasses.

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Components of explicit teaching

There is an evidence base that can guide teachers to implement effective mathematics lessons. To begin with, we need to know what to teach and how best to teach it. The how part is often the most challenging.

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Diagram of Explicit teacher components