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Rows of oranges

In this Three-Act task, students are shown a video of someone peeling oranges and dividing them into segments. They then explore how many segments there will be when all the oranges have been peeled.

Additional details

Year level(s) Year 1, Year 2, Year 3
Purpose Teaching resource, Student task
Format Web page
Keywords rows, segments, total, addition, multiplication, array

Curriculum alignment

Curriculum connections Numeracy
Strand and focus Number, Build understanding, Apply understanding
Topics Place value, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division, Patterns and algebra
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Multiply and divide by one-digit numbers using repeated addition, equal grouping, arrays, and partitioning to support a variety of calculation strategies


Add and subtract numbers within 20, using physical and virtual materials, part-part-whole knowledge to 10 and a variety of calculation strategies

Multiply and divide one- and two-digit numbers, representing problems using number sentences, diagrams and arrays, and using a variety of calculation strategies

Numeracy progression Multiplicative strategies (P5)
Additive strategies (P6)
Number and place value (P3)

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