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Coordinate geometry

This module from the AMSI 'The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) project' is for teachers who wish to consolidate their content knowledge on the topic of coordinate geometry, including how to find the length, mid-point, gradient and equation of a line. There are sections that provide history and context for the topic, as well as exercises and examples of how to present and explain the concepts to students.

Additional details

Year level(s) Year 8, Year 9
Audience Teacher, School Leader
Purpose Content knowledge
Format Downloadable resources
Keywords coordinate, length, gradient, mid-point, equation, explicit teaching

Curriculum alignment

Strand and focus Algebra
Topics Linear relationships
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Graph linear relations on the Cartesian plane using digital tools where appropriate; solve linear equations and one-variable inequalities using graphical and algebraic techniques; verify solutions by substitution


Find the gradient of a line segment, the midpoint of the line interval and the distance between 2 distinct points on the Cartesian plane

Numeracy progression Number patterns and algebraic thinking (P7, P9)

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