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Year 4 Mathematics at school: what to expect

Find out about the skills your Year 4 child will be developing. Learn how you can support and build on what they learn at school.

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Year level(s) Year 4
Audience Parent or carer
Purpose Home practice tasks, Parent guide to maths
Format Downloadable resources
Keywords maths at home, numeracy, number sense, understanding, reasoning, fluency, problem solving

Curriculum alignment

Curriculum connections Numeracy
Strand and focus Number, Build understanding, Apply understanding
Topics Place value, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division, Operating with number
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Recall and demonstrate proficiency with multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and related division facts; extend and apply facts to develop efficient mental strategies for computation with larger numbers without a calculator

Numeracy progression Multiplicative strategies (P6)

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