Mathematical modelling (Number): Year 7 – planning tool

This planning resource for Year 7 is for the topic of Mathematical modelling. Students use knowledge of the other topics in the Number strand, so that applying knowledge and skills can be modelled. This can be done in groups or as a whole class, as well as individually. Collaborative learning works well for practical problems.

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Year level(s) Year 7
Audience Teacher
Purpose Planning support, Teaching resource, Teaching strategies, Student task, Home practice tasks
Format Web page
Keywords lesson plans, assessment task, teaching strategies, pedagogies, Australian Curriculum, learning from home, misconceptions

Curriculum alignment

Strand and focus Number
Topics Mathematical modelling
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Use mathematical modelling to solve practical problems involving rational numbers and percentages, including financial contexts; formulate problems, choosing representations and efficient calculation strategies, using digital tools as appropriate; interpret and communicate solutions in terms of the situation, justifying choices made about the representation

Numeracy progression Understanding money (P8)
Additive strategies (P10)
Interpreting fractions (P8)
Multiplicative strategies (P9)
Proportional thinking (P2)

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