Face painter: finding faces 1

Students identify polygons on a range of prisms and polyhedra such as a cube, square pyramid or triangular prism. They mentally picture all sides of a solid, and estimate how many faces the object has. They then rotate it to see all of its faces, and paint each face of a given shape such as a triangle or rectangle.

Additional details

Year level(s) Year 3
Purpose Student task
Format Interactive
Teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches Concrete Representational Abstract model, Questioning, Culturally responsive pedagogies
Keywords shapes, objects, polygons, cones, prisms

Curriculum alignment

Strand and focus Build understanding, Space
Topics Shapes and objects
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Make, compare and classify objects, identifying key features and explaining why these features make them suited to their uses

Numeracy progression Understanding geometric properties (P3)

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