A piece of cake

In this lesson, students build on their skills in finding volumes and surface areas of prisms and cylinders to design a multi-level celebration cake for a party. They use mathematical modelling to vary the size and shape of the component cakes and to calculate how much frosting is needed.

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Year level(s) Year 10
Audience Teacher
Purpose Teaching resource
Format Web page
Teaching strategies and pedagogical approaches Differentiated teaching, Mathematics investigation
Keywords prisms, cylinders, surface area, volume, Maths Hub lesson plan

Curriculum alignment

Curriculum connections Critical and creative thinking
Strand and focus Measurement
Topics Area, volume and surface area, Mathematical modelling
AC: Mathematics (V9.0) content descriptions
Solve problems involving the surface area and volume of composite objects using appropriate units


Use mathematical modelling to solve practical problems involving proportion and scaling of objects; formulate problems and interpret solutions in terms of the situation; evaluate and modify models as necessary, and report assumptions, methods and findings

Numeracy progression Understanding geometric properties (P7)
Proportional thinking (P7)

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