Selection of eggs in a glass display case. In the top left section, in a basket, there is a black emu egg and large white ostrich egg. Accompanying signs read: Emu egg: 13 cm high, 10 cm wide; Ostrich egg: 17cm high, 13 cm wide. Below these sit two two more eggs. The third-largest on display has a sign that says: Turkey, and next to it the smallest on display, with a sign that says: Sulphur crested cockatoo. To the right of these sit four more eggs on tissue paper in a basket, of descending size from left to right, with a sign below that reads (from left to right): Peahen, Duck, Chicken, Guinea fowl: Check out these eggs.

Image credit: John West


How many times larger is the volume of an emu egg than that of a chicken egg?

What is the smallest egg on display?

What is the largest egg on display?

How many people do you think you could feed with an omelette made with an ostrich egg?

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