Karri tree

Poster containing information about the Karri tree, accompanied by an image of a giant Karri tree. Text reads: From germinant to giant. Karri is one of the largest living things on our planet. One tree can weigh over 200 tonnes, grow to 90 metres in height, use 170 litres of water a day, take 9 people holding hands to span its girth and do it all in 400 years. The Karri story begins here. Karri trees grow from tiny seeds formed in flower buds high in the tree tops.


How do we know that a Karri tree can live for 400 years?

Estimate the circumference of a circle made by 9 people holding hands.

How long would it take you to drink 170 litres of water?

How long would it take you to eat 1 kilogram of honey?

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