Giraffe house

Tall square giraffe enclosure at a wildlife park with a tall doorway, and one giraffe just visible inside plus two giraffes standing outside to the left of the enclosure.  About two-thirds of the way up the left-hand side of the doorway to the enclosure numbers are written, starting with 12, then 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, then finally 19, at the top-most part of the doorway where it meets the roof. The giraffe closest to the enclosure reaches the number 15.

Image credit: John West


How tall is the giraffe house?

How tall is the giraffe standing next to the house?

How tall is the giraffe's shadow?

What units does the scale on the wall of the giraffe house appear to be in?

How could you convert these measurements to metric units?

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