Ignite your child’s passion with these maths resources

If your child is having a hard time feeling the love for all things numbers, here are some fun maths resources that can help.

Struggling to find a way to help your child make a connection with maths? Introducing maths through pop culture can be a positive and gentle way to ease them into it.

We’ve rounded up some great maths resources for you and your family. These are examples of what you can read and watch with your child to show them that maths can be exciting, useful and fun!

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Real-life examples and familiar characters in books, TV and movies can all help young people relate to and make sense of mathematical concepts.

Books to inspire a love of maths

Hidden figures: The American Dream and the untold story of the black women who helped win the space race by Margot Lee Shetterly

Find out how a team of black female mathematicians at NASA used calculations to launch rockets and astronauts into space.

Humble pi: A comedy of maths errors by Matt Parker

Wobbly bridges, missing money, power failures on a passenger jet … See what happens when maths goes wrong in the real world

The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets by Simon Singh

This book points out all the equations, theorems and conjectures hidden inside episodes of popular TV show, The Simpsons.

Woo’s wonderful world of maths by Eddie Woo
From rainbows and music to card tricks and conspiracy theories, Eddie shows us that our universe is made up of patterns and, ultimately, maths.

Movies to inspire a love of maths

Check the rating, depending on the age of your child, these might be good for you to view and discuss the maths involved.

Queen of Katwe

Rated: PG

One for the chess fans! Phiona’s life changes when she learns to play this mathematical game, becomes a top player and has the opportunity to escape from poverty.

Hidden figures

Rated: PG

The true story of three African-American women who worked as ‘computers’ for NASA to send American astronauts into space.


Rated: M

A baseball manager uses maths (including lots of statistics) to select the best players for his team.

The imitation game

Rated: M

British mathematician, Alan Turing, joins a cryptography team to help decipher German enigma code in the Second World War.

The Martian

Rated: M

Watch an astronaut use maths to solve challenges and help him survive in space.

TV episodes to inspire a love of maths

Futurama – ‘The Prisoner of Benda’

Professor Farnsworth invents a machine that switches the minds of two people. It causes a huge mess, and the characters have to use pure mathematics to untangle it. Their theorem is even proved on screen!

The Big Bang Theory – ‘The friendship algorithm’

Using maths and data, Sheldon creates an algorithm that will help him make friends.

The Simpsons – Homer 3D

Homer ends up in a 3D world that’s filled with formulas, equations, hexadecimal numbers and mathematical concepts to explore.

YouTube channels to inspire a love of maths

Stand-up Maths by Matt Parker

Maths meets comedy! Find out how Roman numbers broke the official dog database, how you can win Monopoly using maths, and why calculators sometimes get things wrong.

Tibees by Toby Hendy

Toby shares engaging videos about the history of maths and has also produced a short film called ‘Finding X’, which is all about X’s search for meaning in a world full of numbers.

Wootube by Eddie Woo

Eddie is a maths teacher from Sydney who uploads his entertaining lessons to YouTube. The amazing way he explains concepts gets him millions of views!